Tangmere Airfield Nurseries have recently joined other producers in an innovative scheme run by logistics operator Fowler Welch and food redistribution charity FareShare. The aim is to take surplus food from the supply chain and provide nutritious meals for people in need.

Considering the fact that currently 8.4 million people in the UK struggle to afford a meal– equivalent to the entire population of London,* surplus food should not be allowed to go to waste.

Donating stock to FareShare - how it works:

The course of action is very simple. As and when surplus stock occurs, Tangmere contact the FareShare distribution team to let them know the product and quantity available. FareShare liaise with Fowler Welch at Hilsea to pick up the surplus stock alongside their usual collections and transport it to one of FareShare’s 20 Regional Centres. It will then be used to provide meals by local charities including homeless shelters, community projects, breakfast clubs and women’s refuges.

Mark Broadbridge, Marketing and Sales Director for Tangmere said: “We aim to recycle as much as we can on the nursery. We separate waste, recycle and reuse it wherever we can. Surplus peppers can occur in our business from time to time and it may not always be possible to find a customer for that surplus, when that happens we are happy to make use of the service offered, benefitting those that need it most.”

Ruth Peacegood, FareShare Food Offers and Sourcing Coordinator: “Thank you once again for offering us the peppers. Many of the charities we work with cook hot meals on site, so fresh produce is always really useful and appreciated.”

We look forward to continuing our support of the scheme, working together to put surplus food to the best possible use and stop it going to waste.

For more information about FareShare, please visit: www.fareshare.org.uk 

*Source: ‘Voices of the Hungry’, Food & Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, 2016.

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