On the 18th of August, we’re excited to be taking part in the social media campaign '24 Hours in Farming' being organised by the Farmers Guardian.

What is Farm 24?

The aim of the event is to showcase 24 hours of farming in the UK and encourage people from all over the industry to share what they are doing throughout the day with a live feed of pictures, videos, Facebook posts and tweets.

Last year, the campaign generated more than 5,000 posts on social media, with the hashtag #farm24 trending at number two on Twitter for most of the day.

The result?

A rare, ‘behind-the-scenes’ insight of what goes into producing British food and a chance to celebrate the achievements of those involved.

A Day in the Life of a Pepper Farm

From our perspective

Farm24 offers an opportunity to share our story with the wider public and raise awareness of the care and attention we take to grow our peppers sustainably using the latest technology.

Our site is made up of large eco-friendly glasshouses covering an area of over 30 hectares (the size of 60 football pitches). We grow around 65 million LEAF Marque peppers for 40 weeks of the year; more than a third of peppers grown in Great Britain.

The plants are grown from early December to mid-November. Peppers can be hand-harvested from March with peak production from June to August.

Over the course of the day, you can track the activities of our Production Manager Bob Horn who manages an area of 300,000 plants including 12 different pepper varieties. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to find out more and also FG Insight who will be reporting the day's events as they happen.

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