Environment first – it’s second nature

We are passionate about the peppers we produce and protecting the environment in which they are grown.


Sustainable Crops

We are proud to be a LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) Demonstration Farm and operate a model of 'Integrated Farm Management'. An approach which combines the best of modern technology with traditional farming principles that respect the environment. Read more about IFM and farm visits here.


We recognise the importance of protecting and enhancing our natural environment and carry out activities to conserve energy and improve biodiversity at all of our sites.


Energy & Water Efficiency

We have significantly reduced our carbon emissions with onsite Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plants which produce electricity from natural gas.

  • The bi-products of this process are utilised to promote energy efficient plant growth.
  • The electricity generated is used in our nurseries and surplus electricity is sold to the National Grid to power local homes.
  • Recycling of irrigation water achieves significant reduction in water-use.

Waste Reduction

Our materials are recycled in a fully auditable manner. We've adopted waste minimisation techniques in all areas of our business. Our primary aim is not to generate waste.

Initiatives include sourcing from sustainable sources and using returnable and reusable packaging in collaboration with our supply chain.