Minette Batters, the president of the National Farmers’ Union (NFU) visited the nursery last week together with horticulture policy adviser, Lee Abbey, and horticulture adviser, Rupert Weaver.

John Hall of The West Sussex Growers’ Association led the visit around members’ nurseries, which also included Hills Plants and Vitacress Herbs to showcase the high standards of horticultural growing and innovation in the area.

Production Manager, Bob Horn, gave a guided tour of Tangmere’s production of sweet peppers from plant through packing and grading. The tour included the use of natural methods of pest control, energy and water use, and sharing how Tangmere is engaging with the community to help break down some of the barriers that exist between producers and consumers.

A working lunch held at Vitacress Herbs invited the member growers to open discussion on a range of issues as well as the challenges ahead for the horticulture sector. It was a very successful day.

The West Sussex Growers’ Association is a specialist horticultural branch of the National Farmers' Union. 

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