With our European site located in Extremadura Spain, we can offer our customers consistent top quality peppers year round with the assurance of sustainable and secure supply.

In 2001, we established our own nursery Finca de Pela SL in the western region of Extremadura. The location provides the ideal growing climate for sweet peppers with fresh water lakes for irrigating, broad blue sunny skies and cooler nights – optimal for flowering and fruiting.

Finca de Pela SL covers 31 acres of glasshouse-protected crops and replicates our UK operation; growing the best varieties using innovative growing systems with full biological controls and certified standards.

From this sister site, we can supply our customers from November to July and provide invaluable extra production when early British crops are establishing. An integrated approach to planning production and the sharing of technical expertise between sites means we can maximise availability and ensure a continuous supply of the highest quality produce.

Cómo cultivamos

Cómo cultivamos

Cultivando para el Bienestar Antes que nada somos una familia de agricultores.…