1 Where do peppers come from?

Peppers originated in South America with seeds of wild varieties dating back to 5000 BC. Like many other foods native to this region, sweet peppers were carried throughout the world by the Spanish and Portuguese explorers. It is believed the name 'pepper' was given by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.

2 Peppers - fruit or vegetable?

Sweet peppers are essentially a fruit because unlike vegetables, they contain seeds that come from the reproductive part of the plant (flower). However, like tomatoes and cucumbers, they are more commonly categorised as salad ‘vegetables’ and this relates to the way they have been used in culinary dishes and marketed in the UK.

3 How many different varieties of peppers are there?

In the UK, peppers are usually referred to as ‘sweet’ or ‘bell’ peppers (mild) and chillies (spicy). Sweet peppers and several cultivated chillies such as jalapeño are the fruits of the plant species ‘Capsicum annuum.’ Other relatives include; Capsicum frutescens (producing many of the small cultivated peppers such as tabasco pepper) and Capisicum chinense to which the world's hottest chillies belong (habanero and bonnet peppers). Other species include Capsicum pubescens and Capsicum baccatum. Within these five species, there are thousands of different varieties.

4 How many different colours of peppers are there?

You can almost sing a rainbow – red and yellow and green, purple, lilac and orange too! We’re counting at least nine colours and that’s not including rainbow (between stages of ripening). Sweet peppers start out green and ripen to different colours according to the variety. More unusual colours can include white and even sweet tasting chocolate-brown.

5 What’s the difference between peppers and chillies?

Sweet peppers are not ‘hot.’ They contain a recessive gene that eliminates capsaicin, the chemical compound responsible for the heat found in chilli peppers.

6 Do the different colours taste any different?

All sweet peppers have a delightful, slightly watery crunch. Green peppers are the immature fruit and are less sweet and taste tangy in flavour. Red, yellow and orange peppers develop their characteristic flavour and sweetness as they reach a full colour.

7 How many pepper plants are grown in the glasshouses?

Our total growing areas cover 54 hectares of pepper crops, the equivalent of 108 football pitches. We grow in the region of 1.5 million pepper plants.

8 What’s the temperature in the glasshouses?

In our glasshouses the average temperature reaches 20-22°C during the day... lovely!

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